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Should we keep the furniture in our home until it sells?

In a conversation with a Montgomery County, PA home seller, they asked “Should we keep our furniture in the old house until it sells or can we show it empty?”

Having the home staged with furniture can help buyers visualize the space better. The main rooms people want to use to consider a home are the living room, kitchen, dining, family rooms and master bedroom. Be sure not to have too much and leaving some rooms empty is acceptable. So remove all personal items like photos, trophies or collections help to de-clutter.

I am all about facts and statistics, so what are the home staging statistics you might want to know when selling a home?

  • The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development reports staged homes sell for 17% more than their counterparts on average
  • The National Association of Realtors puts the ROI on home staging at 8 to 10%, with some sources putting the return on individual items as high as 586%

So according to the data home staging results in selling a home faster, for more money and delivers a high return of any home improvement. This certainly suggests home staging is a savvy move for home sellers selling a home as well as real estate investors flipping houses.

If you do not have the budget to afford a professional home stager, then I have 4 tips for home staging on a budget:

  1. Accessorize – Lamps, curtains, pictures, changing hardware and fixtures can all make a huge difference in home appeal.
  2. Rent – stage with couches, recliners, flat screens and even appliances from as little as a few dollars a week and which can be returned when your home sells.
  3. Do It Yourself – make improvements yourself my watching videos online or taking free classes at a hardware store. Keep costs down by renting or borrowing the tools instead of buying them
  4. Don’t overdo it – Don’t gamble on home renovations for selling a home. It is never a sure thing till you have closed. Consider selling your home for cash as-is instead.

Now let’s talk about the key rooms. Here are a few tips for beginners who want to stage their home to sell:

  • Pack up your personal items. Box up your family photos and other family-specific memorabilia because they’ll distract potential buyers. You want home buyers to envision their personal belongings in the space.
  • Use baskets in the bathroom to make it look airy and open. Put a large wicker basket full of white towels next to the shower, and place a basket of luxurious bath products on the edge of the tub.
  • Put up window treatments that are luxurious fabrics. Make sure the curtains are open to let in as much light as possible when home buyers are viewing your house.
  • Place cookbooks and kitchen utensils on the counters. A big bowl of fresh fruit adds visual appeal. Make sure the cabinets are clean.
  • Purchasing a simple white cover to place over current bedding can make the room genderless and make it look more open and airy.

As home staging evolves virtual home staging is gain popularity. Since 90% of home buyers search for their next dream home online, virtual staging offers a way for home sellers, real estate agents, and real estate investors to make their homes look great online, attract more potential home buyers and increase offers for less and with less hassle.  There are apps out there that allow home sellers to snap images on their mobile devices and virtually stage spaces in seconds on the go.


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Before You Sell Your House Spruce Up The Outside

Decemeber 2012 theme is How to Sell Your House By Yourself without a Real Estate Agent (FSBO – For Sale By Owner).

This week we continue the topic How to Sell Your House By Yourself without a Real Estate Agent (FSBO – For Sale By Owner) and discuss curb appeal. If you want me to talk about a certain topic in the future please email us. To learn more about this topic contact us for a Free Special report on How to Sell Your House on The Date of Your Choice Without Making a Repair!

If you want home buyers to see the inside of your house you need curb appeal. This means the exterior of your home needs to be in good condition.

Roof, Windows and Siding: Paint and repair gutters. Repair loose shingles and flashing in roof, especially when visible from the ground.  Paint window sashes, trim and shutters.  Replace cracked window panes, and wash entire window.  Clean and paint siding as needed.  Painting it a neutral color is the best color for aluminum, wood or synthetic siding.

Lawn & YardA well kept lawn implies a well maintained home.  Therefore, cut your lawn weekly while showing your home. Rake leaves and sweep sidewalk on weekends when house is to be shown. Remove dead limbs and debris from shrubs and trees.

You can spruce up landscaping with potted flowers and a new mail box. Repair fences and touch-up with paint or stain. Finally, store your lawn equipment, toys and other outdoor items in your shed.

Front Entrance:  Paint, clean or stain the front door.  Remove old screens if they don’t fit or operate properly and buy a new welcome mat. Make sure entry light and doorbell are in working order.

Replace missing house numbers and make sure the house number is visible from the street.

To learn more about this topic contact us for a Free Special report on How to Sell Your House on The Date of Your Choice Without Making a Repair!

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DIY: How to Install Crown Molding

Update your home this fall with this DIY crown molding installation with professional results.   Adding crown molding will add visual interest and value to your home. The first step would be deciding what kind of crown molding you would like. Wood molding can be expensive, so an alternate to wood is MDF, a combination of wood and resins. It comes pre-primed, so it is ready to be painted whatever color you would like. MDF can warp, so do not use it in the bathroom or kitchen due to the humidity.

The hardest part of the crown molding installation is cutting the corners. A coping saw is best to use and is also good for a beginner. Also, don’t worry because any gap made by the cope cut can easily be concealed by caulk. Another tool that can make the job easier is a power miter saw, it is accurate a makes a very clean cut.

This project will take up a weekend, cost between $250-$500, and the level of difficulty is hard. To get the next steps, click the link.

For Video tips…

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Embrace Your HGTV & DIY Inner Child

No warm temperature this weekend, so you won’t be able to go to the golf driving range like I did last weekend.  So what is there to do this winter weekend…

Did you know that this Saturday January 14th is the start of the Philadelphia Home Show?  So get ready to tap into the creative side of your brain!  Go to this event and embrace your HGTV & DIY inner child.  “Get inspired. Get educated. Get started.”   This winter, rather than hibernating like a bear, embrace your creative side and keep busy with some new home design.

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10 Home Staging Tips

This is article has some basic tips but still a worthwhile read…

Declutter, Furniture Size, Purpose of a Room, Proper Lighting, Repairs to Make, Keep it Neutral, Fresh Flowers, Through Cleaning, Dining Area, Bedrooms.



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