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How long does it take to go from accepting an offer on your house to settlement?

The time it takes from when a home seller and home buyer sign a contract to when the settlement date depends on whether it is a cash offer or if a bank is evolved to finance the home buyer.

Here is typically what to expect as far as time from signing a contract to settlement:

FHA: 30-45 days.
USDA: 60-90 days.
VA: 30-45 days.
Conventional: 30-45 days.

Cash: 5-30 days

If it’s a short sale: WHO KNOWS!

These results are typical, no guaranteed.


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FHA to Increase the Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium

The FHA is to increase the Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium it collects. This change takes effect for cases assigned on or after April 1, 2013. Monthly rates will be charged based on the initial loan-to-value ratio and length of mortgage. Below are the new monthly rates.


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