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If you are a home seller what paint color should you use for you interior rooms? Is it best to stay with one neutral color all through the home?

I often get the above question from home sellers, real estate investors, and real estate agents on what is the best interior paint color to sell a house?

I don’t know if it needs to be the same neutral color throughout the whole house, but neutral colors in general are good to go with. It helps the buyer be able to have an imagination about what they could do with the room. Remember that home buyers already have furniture to bring into the home, and they are unlikely to paint or buy new furniture to accommodate bold colors. If the rooms are painted certain colors then it limits the buyer’s thoughts about what they could do with the room.

Determining what colors to use also depends on the interior style of the house and check to see what colors were used at recently sold houses at the top price range of your neighborhood.

For living rooms I like to use neutral colors such as creamy whites, muted beiges and light gray (my favorite) tones.  I have also seen trending in some neighborhoods Earth tones, including shades of brown, green, blue, orange, and tans depict the colors in nature, and they’re warm and inviting colors for living rooms and dining rooms.

For kitchen colors it depends on your cabinets and counter tops but some colors to try are pale yellow, light olive and warm beiges.  Bedroom colors should be mild, soft tones. Beiges, lighter grays, light yellows and light olives work well in bedrooms.  Recently I have seen trending is light blues.

Bathrooms are often relatively small spaces, and a small bathroom can turn many buyers away. Warm whites are great for making bathrooms look larger than they are. Stay away from darker colors. Deep reds, browns, yellows and blues make room look extremely small.

Since you are painting to sell, make sure that you do high-quality work. If you are not an experienced painter, hire a professional.   


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