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Top 10 List: 10 Fall Home To-Do List

What a crazy summer.  We survived the hottest month on record (July), the rainiest month on record (August), an earthquake, and a hurricane.  Wow.  Did we forget about the record snow fall the past 2 winters?  Here’s to kicking off the fall season.  

  1. Clear your gutters. Trees shedding their leaves may cause a blockage in gutters and downspouts. Keep them clear of debris to prevent water from soaking into your roof.
  2. Paint the exterior. Cool temperatures are better.
  3. Inspect the chimney. Removing soot and other debris, as well as checking for cracks and damage, is a crucial and potentially life-saving step to take before you light that first cozy fire.
  4. Nurture your lawn. Cooler weather and increased moisture make fall an ideal time for nurturing grass. With the proper nutrients, grass can store food during the winter months and return looking better than ever in the spring.
  5. Check the roof. To prevent rain and snow from coming in, routinely inspect your roof for cracks or torn shingles. Don’t forget to drain or insulate your outdoor water pipes – colder temperatures might make them crack or burst.
  6. Seal the deck. Annually seal and waterproof wooden decks. When water and grime get into the wood, it can deteriorate, which can lead to splinters and foundational problems.
  7. Insulate. Keep warm by sealing all that precious heat inside rather than letting it seep through the doors and windows. Replace screens with storm windows, caulk cracks, and install weather stripping. And don’t forget about the garage door!
  8. Check attics and crawlspaces. Falling temperatures make the rarely used areas of your home inviting to insects. To prevent unwanted guests, inspect, maintain, and add ventilation to those areas if necessary.
  9. Replace batteries. Check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms.
  10. Clean and replace filters. A buildup of mineral deposits and dirt can accumulate in your furnace or heating system and cause your water to heat slower than usual.

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