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Three Tips to Prevented Damage to Your House Against a Hurricane

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The weather in Philadelphia this year has been extreme…Record snow falls, July was the hottest month ever, August has been the rainiest, an Earthquake, and now a hurricane.   

Hurricane Irene is set to make landfall on the eastern coast of the United States this weekend.  Below are a few extra precautions to make sure your home is hurricane-proof. The do-it-yourself blog, DIY Life, put together a three-point checklist to make sure your house is ready to weather the storm.

1. Reinforcing the garage door.  The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes states that garage doors are one of the most vulnerable areas to hurricane force winds for two reasons, the relatively long span of opening that they cover and the weak materials they are built with.  Many garage doors are constructed of lightweight materials to conserve weight and expense.  Although their lighter weight makes them easier to raise and lower, it often makes them less resistant to the wind and impact forces of a hurricane

2. Securing all windows and doors.  For a long-term fix, many organizations recommend storm shutters for your windows. In extreme cases, many homeowners can apply the short-term fix of securing windows with plywood at least 5/8″ thick.

3. Securing the roof. For short-term solutions, DIY Life recommends using asphalt adhesive or floor adhesive to the underside of loose shingles. Long-term fixes include truss bracing reinforcement or installing hurricane-proof tiles.

Other things to remember include clearing out rain gutters, trimming tree branches, bringing in all outdoor furniture, securing outside equipment such as lawnmowers, grills, etc. in a locked shed or in the basement.   You do not want flying objects to hit a house.


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