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How to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

According to Realtor Magazine, these 6 quick fix-ups can be quite worth it.

1.     Cleaning and De-cluttering – remove personal items, clean and organize closets/garage, shelves, and make the home as clean as possible.   Average cost = $290 / Average return = $1,990

2.    Brightening – Clean all windows inside and out, replace old and worn out curtains, update lighting fixtures, and remove anything that blocks light from the windows. Average cost = $375 / Average return = $1,550

3.    Smart Staging- Rearrange furniture, bring in new accessories and furnishings to enhance rooms, incorporate artwork and play soft music in the background of showings or open houses.  Average cost = $550 / Average return = $2,194

4.    Visual enhancements – Spruce up the homes curb appeal in the front and back if you have outdoor space.  Make sure your façade is well pointed and the paint is not chipping.   Average cost = $540 / Average Return = $1,932

5.    Repair electrical or plumbing –Fix leaks under the sinks, remove any mildew stains, and ensure all plumbing is in good working condition.  Update the home’s electrical with new wiring for modern appliances, fix any lights or outlets that don’t work, and replace old plug points with new safety fixtures.  Average cost = $535 / Average return = $1,505

6.    Replace or shampooing dirty carpets –  Steam clean carpets, replace any worn carpets and repair any floor creaks.  Also, upgrading to hardwood floors would be an added expense but could be worth it for the right buyer!  Average cost = $647 / Average return = $1,739

Above amounts are estimates and depend on your location and market conditions, values will differ.  If you have any questions about how to boost the value of your Philadelphia home, please give me a call at 215-900-3447!


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