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We Buy Homes in Philadelphia and Bucks County

If you are trying to sell your house, in Philadelphia and Bucks County, and finding that you are not having any luck, there could be a few reasons:

  • No curb appeal
  • House is not updated (ex. Kitchen and Bathrooms are 1970s style)
  • Staged poorly (ex. Too much clutter)
  • Priced too high for your area
  • Needs to be repaired and renovated before it will be attractive to potential home buyers.

Whatever the reason, we know that you want to sell your house. We buy houses in Philadelphia and Bucks County, and chances are, regardless of the reason that no one else will, we’ll buy yours.

With the housing market in turmoil, there are a record number of homes on the market. With high unemployment and decreased home prices over the last 5 years, people have discovered that they are in over their heads and are looking to sell. Unfortunately, that has created a glut of houses on the market. This is an ideal situation for home buyers, who have a vast selection and the opportunity to negotiate good price or terms. On the other hand, homeowners’ looking to sell this news is bad. We buy houses in Philadelphia and Bucks County that most home buyers would not consider buying.

Houses that are in need of repairs, updating, and the above reasons are notoriously hard to sell in any market. With all of the choices in front of home buyers today, an ugly house is less attractive than ever. At CMT Real Estate we buy houses in Philadelphia and Bucks County, regardless of how pretty or ugly the house may be. We look at every home as an investment opportunity, and are ready to invest in your home.

If you are looking to sell your house fast, we might be your real estate solution. We buy houses in Philadelphia and Bucks County, and we do it quickly. No matter what the condition of your home, we will consider taking it off of your hands and the burden off of your shoulders. Once we have purchased your home, you will have cash in hand, and be able to move on with your life.


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